Our company has been working in the coffee trade for about 90 years and for 4 generations, distinguishing us as a brand for the high band in the channel Ho.Re.Ca.

Historical and original sign of the Capoccetti family. We has always been a reference point for bars and restaurants located on our territory. Tradition, business experience, passion and attention about details for our products enclosed in a single brand that has been onto the market for over 8 decades. The recent restyling of our logo, a wide range of blends and specific products for the HoReCa industry, the validity and professionalism of the service for an increasingly strong and acclaimed brand.
A family, a surname, a long history of love and passion for our work lasting over 80 years. Culture and professionalism with tenacemente preserved and never forgotten traditions, solutions  and working techniques that have always belonged to us. We enclosed all this in a special blend. A handful of selected coffee grains picked up in the most exclusive and far-off plantations that represent and tell about our origins. A wonderful experience, engagement and work of 4 generations wrapped in the glamore of a perfect espresso. We could not dedicate this unique and unmistakable product to the name of our founder, in honor and memory of the one from whom everything began.
Luigi 1930 Greatest Historical Reserve ... exclusive excellence.
The new business brand of the company. A brand that hold and represents high band products for the Ho.Re.Ca. Intended for national and extra-continental markets. A modern, elegant and dynamic image combined with blends that are the result of our wisdom, culture and tradition about the coffee world.

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