The Capoccetti roasting was born in Viterbo in 1930 by his founder Luigi Capoccetti. The work culture,the respect and continuity of the production traditions evolving from father to son, it comes quickly to the beginning of the 80s, when the pronipots, strongholds of the 4th generation of coffee roasters, enter into the company. During the beggining of 90’s they opened a new site and shortly after they inaugurated the current factory. At the same time they moved the first steps towards a non-provincial and beyond boundaries market with the activation of the first foreign dealers. The company is now managed by the family business Ma.Caf Trading. The company has a direct sales force of about 10 agents, and it has indirectly a commercial structure consisting of exclusive distributors and dealers that allow it to serve with unmatched professionalism and respect of quality standards, about 450 customers in the Ho.Re.Ca. trade.

Becoming today our customers means not only having 87 years and 4 generations of coffee experience and know-how, not only having a wide and varied range of products of high quality and maximum yield, but also means having a complete set of Promotional and advertising articles aimed at the immediate identification of your store. Our various commercial brands including Luigi 1930 Historical Reserve, Capoccetti Espresso, Macaff Quality Blend have been distributed for many years in various countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Albania and Russia.

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